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Deposit your
share capital easily

  • Deposit certificate available within 72 business hours
  • Responsive and qualified customer support
  • Qonto is by your side on a daily basis

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Secured and fast process. 100% online.

You can make your capital share deposit for your company if it is a SAS/SASU, SARL or EURL/EIRL.


Fill in the information.

We will need your legal forms and information regarding your future company.


The shareholders deposit the capital.

Your shareholders receive their bank details for their capital deposit.


Get your deposit certificate within 72h

Once the funds are received, your deposit certificate is available and you can download it on Qonto.

Practical information sheets
to make your life easier!

Better than a bank!

Qonto provides the same financial tools as traditional banks, but is smarter and easier to manage finances and accounting, for freelancers and teams.


French IBAN

With a FR prefix, thus accepted for all payments.


Transfers in 18 currencies, simple or batch transfers. SEPA direct debits.


Physical or virtual cards for in-store and online purchases.


Auto-categorisation, VAT automated calculation and unlimited history.

In real-time

Real-time balance account update and notifications.

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees, a clear and transparent price grid, with no surprises.

Responsive support

Qualified and available customer managers. Response within minutes!

Safe funds

Safe funds on a escrow account. We can't touch them!

By entrepreneurs.
For entrepreneurs.

Legalstart x Qonto

You need help to draft your company's by-law? We have you covered with our partner Legalstart:

  • By-law drafting
  • 100% online
  • In 20 minutes