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Payment cards to manage your team's expenses

Give cards to your employees and set up limits. This way, your team members are independent while you keep the control over your finances.

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Corporate payment cards

Make your company banking and bookkeeping easier

Take a picture of your expenses reports

Never lose your expenses reports anymore

Your employees can now use their Qonto payment card for all professional expenses. They can upload the expense receipt in one click via our mobile app!


Label your expenses and detect VAT automatically

Our mobile and web app can recognize directly the VAT on the invoice. Organize your expenses according to a personalized classification (by a team, project, country, ...)

Integrate your accounting software to your professional account

Manage your financial flow with your bookkeeping software

Make your bookkeeping and company finances easier! Qonto works with more than 30 accounting softwares. Keep the history of inbound and outbound financial flows has never been so simple.

Follow your teams' expenses in real time

various means of payment for your teams

Give your teams payment cards

Give independence to your team while you still keep the control of their expenses! Forget about the expenses receipts: a picture is enough. You can also set payment and withdrawals limits for all the cards in your teams.

access rights for your teams

Fix permissions and roles for your team members

Give a specific access to your teams according to their role in your company: full access for the managers, limited for other team members.

visualize the expenses of your team

Visualize your teams' expenses in real-time

Give autonomy to your teams independent while you still have control of their expenses in real time. You can also approve their transfer requests!

This is the end of the expenses receipts!

MasterCard for your employees

Business Mastercards for your teams

Get business payment cards for your teams, so we'll be able to centralize all the professional expenses without any physical receipts.

Take a picture of your expense reports

You won't lose your expenses receipts anymore

You're done with looking everywhere for your expenses receipts. Thanks to Qonto, you just need a picture of it, so your manager can visualize the transaction. Ready to save some valuable time?


Qonto follows you everywhere

You can access your Qonto account via our web and mobile apps. Manage your finance whenever and wherever you want.

Already used by the best teams

Alexandre Dana

"I needed the perfect banking SaaS for LiveMentor: I found Qonto! What I love: the dashboards allow me to have an overview of the cash flow."

Alexandre Dana

CEO @LiveMentor

Timothée Emery

"Qonto is an incredible time-saving tool to manage the daily transactions of YouShould. Following our transactions and expenses has never been so easy!"

Timothée Emery

General Manager @Youshould

Olivier Ramel

"Manage my providers and teams expenses is now easy, fast and smart with Qonto! The cherry on top: the best customer service you can dream of!"

Olivier Ramel

CEO @Kymono

Personalized features for efficient teams

Discover our Qonto professional payment cards to manage your team's expenses, and a lot of features to give independence while keeping the control of your company's finances.


Payments cards

Validate the expenses of your team

Teams payment request approval

The historic of your professional expenses and incomes

Unlimited history

International payments

Payments in foreign currencies


Are you ready to open a professional account for your company? Whether you are a self-employed contractor or a small business with a team, Qonto is the professional account that you need!