Is Qonto a bank? No, Qonto is operating under the payment services regulation, supervised by the Banque de France. Qonto is a current account with all classic operations (transfers, card payments, etc.) but, contrary to a traditional bank account, cannot be overdrawn.

Is Qonto really safe? Absolutely. With Qonto, deposits are segregated on an account that only you can access, employees each have specific access adjustable in real-time and the service is built on a robust and secured architecture (HTTPS, 2048-bit SSL certificate with TLS encryption, ECDSA using P-256 and SHA-256 algorithm).

How long does it take to open an account? Opening a Qonto account takes 5 minutes, and is done 100% online. No paper, no snail mail, you will get your online banking credentials and account number (IBAN) as soon as your subscription is validated. 

How long does it take to receive Mastercard cards? Virtual cards are instantly generated online. For physical cards, you will instantly get the card number and its expiration date. You will get your Qonto card by post within 5 business days.


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