The 100% digital
business account

For freelancers, startups and SMEs

30-day free trial, then 9€/month (excl. VAT).
100% online. Opened in 5 minutes.

For all company types and associations

For freelancers, existing companies or entities in the process of incorporation,
or just an additional account to manage your expenses and everyday banking in an efficient manner.


Available for SAS/SASU, SARL/EURL, micro-entreprises, associations and licensed professionals

Are you registering your company?

Deposit certificate within 72h after the receipt of funds.
1 current account with French IBAN to pay and get paid, and smart Mastercard cards
Modern tools to run your everyday banking efficiently

Free deposit certificate
Then from €9/month (excl. VAT)

Are you a freelancer?

1 current account with French IBAN to pay and get paid
1 smart Mastercard card
Modern tools to run your everyday banking efficiently

30-day free trial
Then €9/month (excl. VAT)

Are you a team?

Specific access/rights by users
Cards limits adjustable in real time
Expenses report feature on Qonto web and mobile app

30-day free trial
Then from €9/month (excl. VAT)

Your banking toolkit

Account. Cards. Financial tools. 100% online.

100% online

Open an account in a few clicks. Deposit your share capital in minutes online.

French IBAN

You get your IBAN a few minutes after signing up. You can start using it right after to send or receive money.

Money transfers and debits

SEPA transfers and direct debits. All in one place.

Smart Mastercard

Order both physical and virtual cards and start using them instantly. Assign a card to a user and control their budget.

Built for teams

Team access for a full overview or just limited to certain transactions. Access for accountant for read-and-export-only.

To manage your finance seamlessly

Be more efficient, from payment to accounting

Unlimited transactions history
Exportable into CSV or QIF, ready for accounting

Prepare for accounting
Add notes, receipts and VAT amounts with no effort

Auto-categorize transactions
Manage your budget efficiently

Wire money in SEPA (EUR)
One-shot, scheduled or batch transfers (through XML file)

Create and manage cards
Issue cards, set spending limits or permissions depending on your needs

Assign permissions to your teammates
Invite your employees, your accountant and monitor their activity easily

Monitor your cashflows (coming soon)
Track your activity and cash position with no effort

Banking for the 21st century

Integrated smart tools to change your banking experience forever


100% online account opening without paper or snail mail. Automatic retrieval of your online bills for recurring services (coming soon). Efficient management of corporate expenses to avoid hunting for receipts.


Qonto is built with real time connections to card networks so that all your transactions are notified right after payment. It then becomes easier to monitor your real cash position at any point in time or report a fraud instantly if a transaction seems suspicious.

Under control

Collaborative interface with specific logins and rights for each type of users (e.g. "employee" and "admin"). Validation workflow for spending and receipts upload. Specific access for your accountant.

Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

They love Qonto

'I wish I could have had Qonto enrolled in the Techstars Paris's first batch!'

Bertier Luyt
Managing Director @Techstars

'Thanks to a slick interface and simple features, managing payments and expenses has become a piece of cake!'

Julian Aroun
Founder @Drapo

'Managing everyday banking has finally become fun, fast and easy. Icing on the cake, customer support is super reactive: 5 stars!'

Thibaut Dumontet
Founder @Croquants Gourmands

'Qonto met my needs straight away. Customer care is awesome! Period.'

Rafaël de Lavergne
Founder @Totem

'With Qonto, I've been able to order MasterCard cards in seconds. My purchasing team can now be autonomous with their payments. Qonto is game changer.'

Grégoire Pasquet
CEO @Worldia

'Qonto? Easy, fast, efficient. Traditional banks' hassles belong to the past!'

Nicolas Katan
Founder @Bitit

'Qonto? A flawless UX and a customer service that cares so much. This is just incredible!'

Mathieu Jouhet
Freelance @Hello Mat

'I needed a bank similar to a SaaS for LiveMentor: I think I found it.'

Charles Lefebvre du Prey
Founder @LiveMentor

'I can say 'Goodbye' to the banking pains I had to bear with, and 'hello' to a way to do finance that makes sense.'

Duc Ha Duong
CEO @Officience

'Qonto is 100% in tune with what we do at a user-friendly service, a user-centric interface and a very reactive customer support.'

Jean-Charles Samuelian
CEO @Alan

'I have been looking for a modern and efficient banking alternative that could support the development of my business. I'm just wondering why Qonto did not exist before!'

Louis Rouffineau
CEO @La Company

'With Qonto, I've been able to deposit my share capital online in just a few clicks. Then I got all I needed to manage my business finances. What else?'

Antoine Régis
Founder @Nicoya

'That's just perfect - It rocks baby! You wanna apply at TheFamily? Use Qonto first.'

Oussama Ammar
Founder @TheFamily

'Qonto helps us save a lot of time on our day-to-day banking tasks. Period.'

Timothée Emery
CEO @YouShould

Your finance hub

Qonto easily connects with all the tools you love

Coming soon


Make FX money transfers at a fair price directly from the Qonto App.


Monitor your Stripe incoming payments without leaving Qonto.


Populate your ledgers automatically with no effort or struggle.


Monitor your banking activity directly from your favorite team communication tool.


Import automatically information related to your transactions.


Manage your direct debits from the Qonto app without leaving the interface.


Import additional information of PayPal payments for an easy follow-up.